By offering meeting places, activities and processes for innovation collaboration, we create growth in Värmland.

Innovation Park links business, academia and the public sector. We offer custom processes to both new entrepreneurs and established companies. With us there are companies / organizations that want to grow in collaboration with other companies, researchers and society.

Members of Swedish Incubatiorn and Science Parks, SISP

Innovation park is a part of innovation Sweden, where 80 regional innovation environments work daily to contribute to Sweden’s continuous development, innovation and growth. Our national industry organization run by members around the country and has together  over 5,000 companies that employ about 70,000 people.


Every friday we have a breakfast buffet with companies sitting at Innovation Park and from abroad. Networking and inspiration are the focus and together we trend interesting innovative trends from the world and Värmland. 


Startlab is aimed for those who work with an idea or are completely new as an entrepreneur. In the beginning, a large amount of courage and energy is needed to develop their idea, which can be difficult when sitting at home at the kitchen table. Here you have access to a flexible workplace during office hours, coffee, colleagues and all of Innovation Park’s forums.




The Great Journey is the hub for game developers in Värmland. Each and everyone interested in creating games regardless of experience, level or background are welcome. 



In the autumn of 2019, Compare invites to 10 TechTalks about how we, as people, companies and organizations are affected by the ongoing digitalisation. The theme is different each time – no notification is required and you can just show up.